Aenne_ed5I am a PhD student at the New York University in the lab of Denis Pelli, investigating what makes the experience of beauty so special to us.

Thanks to my great supervisors, I had the chance to get engaged as an active researcher already in my undergraduate years. The first visible results are listed in my publications section.

My previous and ongoing research projects before starting the PhD project on beauty included:

  • Higher cognitive influences on smooth pursuit eye movements (UBC, Canada)
  • Face race perception (MPI for biological cybernetics, Germany)
  • Multiple projects in the Early Childhood Research Group at the Zukunftskolleg of the University of Konstanz:
    • Structure of self-reported emotional experiences (young adults)
    • Emotional responses on help-related picture content (children and young adults)
    • Perception and recognition of need of help and helping behavior (children)
    • Gender perception and categorization (children, young and middle-aged adults)

You can find a more detailed description of my research here.
For an overview about my professional and volunteer work you can also download my CV.


(photo by Zach Gross)